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  • Do Memory Supplements Work?

    Senior moments happen to all of us. For some of us, we’re not even seniors yet and we find that we have times when our memory fails us. You may walk into a room and forget what you went into that room for or misplace your car keys because you can’t remember where you had them last. It can be pretty frustrating. You may be wondering whether or not memory supplements, like Prevagen, works. Let’s cover the down low of memory supplements and Prevagen.

    What Are Memory Supplements?

    Memory supplements are like vitamins for your brain that can help to improve the way that your brain functions when it comes to cognition and memory recall. These supplements often haveingredients that are known for improving function. Some of the more well-knowningredients are Gingko Bilbao or Ginseng, but they aren’t the only supplements available.

    What Makes Prevagen Special?

    Prevagen is different from other memory supplements because it contains Apoaequorin, which is a substance that comes from the jellyfish Aequorea Victoria and produces bioluminescence. It’s been available since 2007, and this longevity is a good sign that people are finding success with using the product. Many users have noted that theyh ave gotten better memory recall and some even note that they’re remembering their dreams better than ever.

    How Long Does it Take For Results?

    Some people fall into this mindset that a supplement that they take should start working right away. You may think that you should see results immediately from the first pill, but the truth is that it can take time. Many medications and supplements have to build up in your system for you to start seeing results. So, if you start taking a supplement like Prevagen give it time. Many users report that it takes a month or two before they started noticing a difference in their recall. The lesson here is that you just shouldn’t give up too quickly on a supplement that you choose.

    Potential Side Effects

    There are a few reviews available online that report some side effects from using Prevagen. These include dizziness, increased blood pressure, and a heart flutter. Whenever taking any supplements it’s good to talk to a health care professional if you’re experiencing any negative side effects. It’s also important to stop taking it right away if you believe this is causing the negative condition. After speaking with your doctor, you both can decide if you’re good to start taking it again.

    Supplement Caution

    It’s possible that you may not notice any negative side effects, but you should still take some caution. Whenever you take a supplement, it’s good for you to speak with your doctor about any potential medical interactions that could happen between the supplement and anything prescribed to you. In addition, they can let you know if it may impact any health conditions you may have.

    The loss of memory and brain function can be a very annoying, and in some cases, very scary proposition to deal with in life. Memory supplements can be a good way for some people to improve the chemistry of their brain to make it work better than ever. Prevagen has a proven track record with plenty of satisfied customers that find this unique supplement works wonders for them.

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  • What’s For Dinner in 2017 – Here We GO!

    I can’t almost put into words how happy and thrilled I´m to start this blog. I want to tell you so much, but I don’t really know where to begin. Let me start by introducing myself, tell you about my passions and goals. Then I´ll save the best for last, a surprise, so make sure that you read the entire post!!

    Who am I?

    Excellent Question 🙂 Most of you currently reading (in January 2017) knows me either as your Mom, Wife or daughter. My fanbase is currently quite small, BUT I´m definitely aiming to grow it!

    For you that don’t know who I´m, here´s  a picture of me!

    My name is Carina and I live in Austin Texas. I´m a mother of 2 beautiful boys and my true passion is COOKING. I´ve been a lawyer all my career, but cooking has always been what I truly enjoy. There for I´ve now started this blog 🙂

    My Goals

    This is an easy one. I want to reach out to as many of you as possible. I´d love to create a community where all the DinnerMgmt’ers share their best tricks. Maybe we can meet up some time in the future, and ofcourse cook together!


    The Surprise!

    I´ll be running a competition. You´ll have the chance to win some beautiful kitchen appliances! All you´ll have to do is to follow me on social medias. I´ll have a new post on all this very soon. So make sure that you stay tuned for that!

    HINT: Your chances to win are currently quite high. Not many people reading this blog at the moment (lol).

    I´d be so happy if you´d spread the word about my blog. Tell your friends and family 🙂

    BIG HUG!

    – Carina